Idaho Mountain Express: Ketchum [Activist Jennifer Smith] hires [Unqualified] parks superintendent – January 28, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ketchum hires parks superintendent

Former lift mechanic hails from Switzerland

Express Staff Writer

Juerg Stauffacher


Swiss native Juerg Stauffacher has been hired as Ketchum’s superintendent of parks and natural resources. His main roles will include being city arborist and overseer of all city-owned parks and natural areas.
The job falls within the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and has been open since early December, when the previous superintendent, Jennifer Smith, was promoted to department director.

“Juerg’s broad skillset is a perfect fit for us,” Smith said in a news release. “The information download is tremendous, and I’m excited to start introducing Juerg to all of our valued partners.”

Stauffacher has been a lift mechanic foreman for Sun Valley Resort since 2001, earning his American citizenship in 2009, but said he has never worked in a parks department.

“I really like working outside a lot,” he said, adding that he’s willing to learn all that the job entails.

He’s already working to become a certified arborist, meaning he must be able to identify trees, know how to bring sick trees back to health and maintain trees.

Stauffacher said he was interested in the job because he didn’t see himself advancing much further in his profession and had been a mechanic most of his adult life. He said he’s eager for a change.

He originally came to Sun Valley 10 years ago with his wife for just a winter. He said his boss at the resort talked him into staying for the summer, and the area has been his home ever since. He said working for Sun Valley Resort was a positive experience but he’s happy with the move.

“The first few weeks have been really good to me,” he said.

Stauffacher’s first day was Jan. 13.

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Idaho Mountain Express: Ketchum hires parks superintendent – January 28, 2011.