Water Suvey Shows Few Pesticides in ND on KFYR-TV North Dakota’s NBC News Leader



Farmers and ranchers use pesticides to keep their operations going, but very little of it ends up in our state`s water supply.

The state agriculture department released a survey this morning which shows that only trace amounts of nine commonly used pesticides were found at 33 testing sites around the state.

Water samples were analyzed for 180 pesticides and pesticide residues. The state ag commissioner says that shows that the current regulations and restrictions on pesticides are working.

“It`s also good to take that information and show the EPA how our current regulatory system is and why we don`t need to have expanding or excessive regulations that do nothing but cost the state more, and cost the ag community more,” says Doug Goehring.

This is the second time the state has done this study.

via Water Suvey Shows Few Pesticides in ND on KFYR-TV North Dakota’s NBC News Leader.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment 2008-2009 Urban Water Quality Test Comparison. Pesticide Ban Justified or Not — MOE says Parts Per Trillion is safe — PMRA & EPA Says Parts Per Billion is SAFE. 1 PPB = 1 drop of pesticide in an Olympic Sized swimming pool. 1 PPT = 1/25 of a drop of water in an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

1 nanogram/liter (ng/l) = 1 ppt