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”EU bid to ban Endosulfan driven by trade interests”

Chennai, Jan 21 (PTI) The European Union”s bid to enforce a worldwide ban on use of Endosulfan pesticide, citing health hazards, was driven solely by trade interests, the Pesticides Manufacturers and Forumulators Association of India alleged today.

“The plea of health hazard in use of Endosulfan is far from the truth and EU, in a bid to promote its patented products, is making attempts to ban it,” Association president Pradip Dave told a press conference here.

He claimed there was no scientific study to prove that use of Endosulfan resulted in health hazards. The pesticide was being used by farmers in India, China and Latin American countries, he said.

Dave said India produces 80 per cent of global Endosulfan, which is used to protect horticulture products, and any move to ban it would have an adverse impact on the country”s fertiliser industry.

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