Bogus ONTARIO Pesticide Products – Environmental Factor – Neem Oil to shine your Lawns Leaf Blades — Liquid Corn Gluten as a BioStimulant — 1 type of Nematode that kills all kinds of Grubs.


Used as a Lawn Insecticide Replacement – Doesn’t work

Target Neem Foliar Leaf Spray, 100% Organic

The Organic Leaf Shine Target Plants for the Ultimate Leaf Shine

What is Neem oil? Target Neem is 100% organic cold-pressed pure neem oil extracted from the seeds of the Neem Tree. Certified organic, Target Neem is extracted using traditional Indian methods and without use of any chemical solvents.
Neem oil is not to be confused with peanut oil, and will not affect those with peanut allergies. – NOT A REGISTERED PESTICIDE BUT PROBABLY USED AS ONE.

Used as a Lawn Herbicide  Replacement – Doesn’t work

Organic lawn care: Liqui-Gold Bio-fertilizer corn gluten for lawns. 100% chemical and pesticide free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sprayable water soluble corn gluten meal fertilizer
  • Good source of nitrogen
  • Cover more area with less product compared to granular or powdered corn gluten

The Liqui-Gold™ Story
Grown by nature, engineered for performance. LiquiGold™ is Canadian made, processed from Canadian grown corn. LiquiGold™ Biofertilizer is truly a plant based wonder. The ingredients in the product are protein powered nutrients which gives applicators a sprayable plant based arsenal to fertilize and thicken lawns to crowd out weeds. Corn gluten is a by-product of starch production, a renewable and environmentally conscious resource.
Liquid corn gluten is treated with a proprietary mix of enzymes and concentrated for the ultimate corn gluten power in your organic lawn. – NOT A REGISTERED PESTICIDE BUT USED AS ONE.

Used as a Lawn Insecticide Replacement – Doesn’t work (Extremely Variable Results) – Exempt From Registration – PMRA Fast Tracked Biologic

What are nematodes? Nematodes are naturally occurring, earth friendly microscopic worms. Grub Busters Nematodes are an efficient strain of Steinernema glaseri for control of major turf and garden pests such as white grubs.

  • White grubs
  • Citrus root weevil
  • Japanese beetles
  • May/June beetles
  • European/Masked chafer
  • Black vine weevil
  • Sod webworm

The Nemaglobe Grub Busters Advantage…

  • Easy to mix and use
  • Exempt under most pesticide by-laws
  • Backed by scientifc research around the world
  • Soil effectiveness from 53°-98° F (12°-37° C)
  • Works against 3rd instar (mature grubs)

Used as a Lawn Herbicide Replacement – Doesn’t work

Organic lawn care: TurfMaize BioWeed n’Feed Seed Germination Inhibitor and fertilizer with corn gluten meal.

Turfmaize Bioweed n’ Feed

  • New Bioweed formula
  • Canada’s 1st natural weed and feed product
  • Naturally thickens lawn and inhibits weeds all in one application
  • Feeds your lawn with slow release nitrogen
  • Contains no filler, animal waste or sludge
  • Can be applied rain or shine
  • Will not burn turf
  • Safe for children and pets to use yard immediately after application (no down time required!)
  • Granulated for easy application with any fertilizer spreader – Registered Pesticide available in this form – Exempt from Ontario Weed and Feed ban