LANDSCAPE ONTARIO SUPPORTING "GREEN SOD CERTIFICATION" which includes farmer exempt pesticides.

Monday October 25, 2010 14:34 EDT

‘Green’ certification program for Ontario’s sod growersThe Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario (NSGA) is pleased to announce their new socially responsible “Green” Certification program. After two years of diligent work and testing, the program is available to all members of the NSGA.The goal of the program is to meet the desired expectations of consumers to protect natural resources, enhance conservation through best management practices, provide a safe workplace environment, promote recycling and enhance community relations.

Peter Rauwerda, NSGA President, stated, “We are really excited about the interest our members have shown in this new program, and we are ready to promote it to our consumers.”
“This strictly voluntary program provides assurances that NSGA members meet or exceed standards for water conservation, water source protection, soil conservation, and approved nutrient application,” he said. In addition, the program promotes a safe workplace environment, recycling and community relations.

The program is designed to certify sod operations that are meeting the NSGA standards. In order to receive certification, all sites owned or leased by a grower must participate in an on-site audit conducted by Validus, the approved third-party audit firm for NSGA. Upon certification, each operation must submit an annual report and conduct an on-site verification audit a minimum of once every three years.

Growers certified will receive their NSGA “Green” Certification certificate and be listed on the NSGA list of approved “Green” providers. The program was launched to NSGA growers last spring, along with the opportunity to participate in the auditing process. All Green Certified NSGA Members will be listed on the NSGA website, For more information on becoming certified or purchasing “Green” Certified Sod, contact NSGA at (519) 265-6742 or e-mail