Organo-Sol – Another Reduced Risk Herbicide About to Hit the Market

Monday, August 30, 2010

Organo-Sol – Another Reduced Risk Herbicide About to Hit the Market

It’s always fun tracking the new organic, safe, natural products…oops….I’ll have to cease and desist. Can’t use the terms natural, organic, safe to describe these products, though that trend continues year after year.

OK. So now we have a bacterial weed control to join our iron chelate and fungal friends. All reduced risk herbicides. This one attacks legume type weeds, namely black medick, which Fiesta doesn’t even put a dent into at the legal label rates.

It’s always good to remember broad-spectrum control methods, and the broadest of all, in an IPM model, is mechanical. What seems to be happening in the reduced risk herbicide market is the complete cantonization of products into specific methods of limited control. And at a very high cost both economically and for environmental sustainability.

Broad-spectrum control is the essence of proper and sound weed management programs. The whole scope of the product is more important than the limited small amounts of control offered by many products.

The reduced risk herbicide market has failed to deliver in this regard.

Here’s a link for Organo-Sol. Note the PPE required. 😉

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