ONTARIO PROHIBITION PESTICIDE ACTIVIST LINKS : Organic Pesticide Free Company – TURF LOGIC – VP – Frank Reddick – Meg Sears – David Suzuki

The David Suzuki Foundation thanks Dr. Meg Sears for important contributions to the research for this report and Frank Reddick for professional advice and reviews. The Foundation also acknowledges Susan Koswan, Kathleen Cooper, and Gideon Forman, whose work helped to inform this analysis.

OLA Board Members – 2010
Chris MacLukie – Vice-President

Frank Reddick – Treasurer

Manchoor Award – Secretary

Paul Fendley- Communications Director

“We are very excited to have been able to reach this agreement with
Forterra. Forterra can provide Turf Logic with exactly the kind of organic,
pesticide-free, environmentally friendly products that our customers want and
that we expect will be important to driving the growth of our business,” said
Frank Reddick, Vice-President of Turf Logic (www.turflogic.ca).

And that Mr. Frank Reddick of Turf Logic Inc. be invited to attend a General Committee meeting in
September, 2007, to make a deputation regarding the pesticide by-law’s treatment of grubs and chinch
bugs; and, that subsequent to this deputation, staff be requested to report back to the General Committee
on the issue;