Here's Bay Councillor & Pesticide Activist Alex Cullen's List of Contributors – Key Contributor Jean Cottam

Alex Cullen is no longer a Councillor with a 2nd place finish in the October 25, 2010 election.


Cullen publishes donor list

The Ottawa Citizen October 19, 2010 Comments (4)
Councillor and Transit Committee Chair Alex Cullen at the Transit Committee meeting at City Hall in Ottawa, Ontario, August 30, 2010.Photograph by: Garth Gullekson, The Ottawa CtizenOTTAWA — Councillor Alex Cullen is putting his donors’ money where his mouth is by releasing the name of his campaign contributors on Monday — a full week before the election and more than six months before required to do so by provincial legislation.

“I think all candidates should do this,” said Cullen. “I just don’t think you can claim to be representing the public interest when you’ve accepted money from a development company that is potentially going to do business with the city for millions of dollars.”

Cullen’s list doesn’t include the amounts of contributions, as the official campaign returns due in March must. It contains no big-name developers but a number of social and environmental activists, plus fellow councillor Diane Holmes

Cullen has a long practice of only accepting contributions from individuals, one of the factors he cites for dropping out of the mayoral campaign early last month. Without corporate and union donations, he said, it was more difficult to raise as much money as other mayoral campaigns that accept contributions from organizations.

Instead, Cullen is now running for re-election in his Bay ward, where a number of his opponents, including Mark Taylor and Shawn Little, said they have accepted money from developers.

Although any Ontario municipality is allowed to bar corporations and unions from contributing to election campaigns, Toronto is the only major city that has done so.