Alberni Valley News – Alberni employs strategic use of pesticide Roundup

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton – Alberni Valley News

Published: October 26, 2010 10:00 PM

Updated: October 26, 2010 10:44 PM

Ineffective alternatives and a problem literally growing while time ticks have forced the city to re-think its pesticide spraying policy.

Port Alberni city councillors voted to allow strategic use of the herbicide Roundup at their Monday meeting.

In 2009 the city adopted a pesticide regulation bylaw that forewent non-essential use of pesticides in favour of less stringent options.

But those options don’t cut it, Parks and Recreation director Kenny said.

Parks and Recreation staff tried a vinegar-based product on weeds to no avail.

Manual cultivation methods are too labour intensive.

And propane blowtorching has little to no effect.

“It worked well on young plants but not on mature ones,” he said.

Kenny recommended reverting back to using Roundup on ball diamonds and hard surface areas now and in the spring.

The other methods could be reverted to again during the sports playing season.

Coun. John Douglas spoke against the initiative.

“I’m reluctant to do what we said we weren’t going to do,” he said.

Kenny was adamant however that the problem needed to be dealt with now before it gets bigger and more costly to deal with.

“We need the help now,” Kenny said.

If not “I’ll be back here next year with a request for more staff than we already have.”

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