David Suzuki Says "women's breasts are like canaries in the coal mine." — Pesticide bylaw is key

David Suzuki spoke to a packed hall at the University of Alberta. At age 74, he continues to deliver forceful, clear, entertaining and dynamic speeches.

One of the nuggets that caught my attention was his idea that “women’s breasts are like canaries in the coal mine.” They are largely made of lipids and these fatty substances hang onto the organic toxins we eat or breathe.

We are now verging on a breast cancer epidemic due in large part to the amount of toxins we are dumping in the air, water and soil.

One of Suzuki’s recommendations to his Edmonton audience was to plant more fruit trees and bushes around our homes. Unfortunately, in Edmonton, your apple tree could be exposed to poisonous chemicals drifting in the air if your neighbour feels the need to chemically remove their dandelions. While 80 per cent of Canadians are now protected by bylaws from these toxins, Edmontonians continue to be at risk.

This city needs a pesticide bylaw.

Elisabeth Beaubien, Edmonton

via Pesticide bylaw is key.