Chatham Township NJ News – Colony Pool and the Community Garden are Pesticide Free


Pesticides Leaching into the pool when it rains??? [Ridiculous]

Too bad the Environmental Coordinator Kathy Abbott was not a Pool Maintainer on her spare time.  She would realize what chemicals are used in the pool the kids swim in.

It is more than likely the only products on that lawn were for weeds, not fungicides or insecticides.


Colony Pool and the Community Garden are Pesticide Free

By Chatham Township Environmental Commission


Colony Pool and The Chatham Community Garden proudly displayed Pesticide Free Zone signs this summer. The cheerful ladybug signs are meant to show the public that they will not be exposed to herbicides, fungicides and insecticides at these sensitive locations.

“The lawn at Colony Pool is used more intensively by infants, children and adults in the summer than probably any lawn in the township. Moreover, chemicals that are applied on the Colony lawn run off into the pool during a rain,” said Kathy Abbott, Vice Chair of the Chatham Township Environmental Commission. Once the Environmental Commission alerted the Colony Pool Advisory Committee, the Mayor and the Township Administrator that this was the ideal place to practice organic lawn care, they quickly agreed,” said Abbott. Colony Pool is now removed from the conventional herbicide/insecticide application schedule that has been in effect on athletic fields in the township for the past few years.

At the Chatham Community Garden, members are told to apply only insecticidal soaps and other non-toxic chemicals to control plant pests. Marta McDowell, founder of the Chatham Community Garden, said, “Certainly, by the looks of the produce at the garden, all the vegetables are doing fine using organic methods.”

Chatham Township has had a Pesticide Free campaign since 2005, when it published a ground-breaking pamphlet called, “Healthy Lawns and Landscapes.” The brochure, produced jointly by the Board of Health and the Environmental Commission, outlined the health s risks of pesticide use and advised residents how to care for lawns organically.

For a copy of CTEC’s updated brochure, or If you would like to start a pesticide free zone campaign in your neighborhood email or call the Township at (973) 635-4600 and ask to leave a message for the Environmental Commission.

Chatham Township and Chatham Borough will be hosting a pesticide awareness documentary film called “A Chemical Reaction” in November at the Library of the Chathams. Date and time will be announced on the municipal websites. To purchase a pesticide free zone sign and for more information on the health risks of conventional lawn chemicals, please see

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