AGES Prediction Comes True | Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities — MEG SEARS "The Uninformed Contribution to unnecessary killing"

CHRC works its magic.

10 May 2007 – As predicted, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s report repeats mistakes and deceits about environmental sensitivities that contribute to the unnecessary killing of undiagnosed patients in health care settings, letting Justice and RCMP officials off the hook for ignoring criminal deceit in Health Canada that has already contributed to thousands of deaths. The appointment of a new Chief Commissioner has had no effect on CHRC managers who continue to hide lethal mistakes about environmental sensitivities under similarly lethal deceits.

The CHRC’s report on a medical perspective concerning sensitivities is historical revisionism reminiscent of Ernst Zundel, but with more lethal effect. The researcher, who has been informed in the past of how her work obscures history, ignores clinical ethics and contributes to deaths, is now contributing to deaths across the country whereas in the past her unethical and unwanted interventions primarily contributed to local deaths.

The uninformed contribution of Margaret Sears to unnecessary killing in Canada may be the subject of a future brief. Meanwhile, it is unfortunate the CHRC has published hate literature that encourages, by ignoring ethical and historical information, Section 216 killings in health care settings, and injury and deaths under Section 217.1.

AGES Prediction Comes True | Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities.