Do Canadian pediatricians really endorse Lysol? | Marketplace [Lysol is a registered Pesticide]

With Special Guest Doctor Robin Walker

We’ve all seen the ads telling us about the pesky germs, bacteria, and other nasty things in our home — all in the name of selling us a cleaner or disinfectant.

One of those products, Lysol, promotes itself using an impressive looking seal that appears to be an endorsement from Canadian pediatricians. If you look closely at the seal, it claims that Lysol is the “#1 brand used by Canadian pediatricians at home” and is “Based on a Canadian National Survey.”

However, Marketplace spoke to the Canadian Pediatric Society, which represents Canada’s pediatricians, and found that they don’t ever endorse products, and actually discourage people from using commercial disinfectants to clean their home.

There’s much more to this story: Watch as Wendy Mesley gives Lysol a deep cleaning for using Canadian pediatricians to pitch its disinfectant.

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