Women who have blamed "DEATH" or "Near Death" of a loved one on "Garden Pesticides" with ZERO PROOF. Just a hunch.

Meg Sears [Anti Pesticide Activist] lost her son Eric:
In conclusion I just want to introduce you to somebody. I'm not only a scientist, I'm also a mother.
Science will never tell us what really happened, but this is somebody who possibly fell on the wrong
side of your risk-benefit analysis. This is a picture of my son. He died just over a year ago, of a
malignancy that was possibly caused…. When I was pregnant with him, they constructed a golf course
just down the road from me. They used a vast quantity of pesticides when they were doing that.

Jean Cottam [Anti Pesticide Activist] almost lost her dog Trixie

Debbie Lazar [Anti Pesticide Activist] lost her husband Brad.
Ms. M’s appeal is denied. I confirm the review officer’s October 12, 2006 decision. I find
that the worker’s lung cancer was not due to the nature of his employment.

Sarah Newton [Anti Pesticide Activist] lost her best friend.
My friend lived on a GOLF COURSE, he practiced soccer on it at night, and he
walked across it each day to school. He lived and breathed soccer, playing on
heavily sprayed fields from the age of seven right on through until the end of
university. Spraying was a common practice, but now we know better.
His EXPOSURE level to pesticides was COLOSSAL.

All of these women have vehemently campaigned publicaly about their story.

Are they right in their finger pointing campaigns? Have they saved others from possible "Death" with their efforts? Have they found the real cause of death?

Why does the Green Industry get punished for their loss? There could be hundreds of reasons for the deaths of these persons.

Its all about convenience [lazy and cheap] with the Activists.

Convenient to blame pesticides

Convenient to let their properties look like a disaster.

It has always been embarrassing for neighbors that cannot maintain their yard as opposed to others that take pride in a neat appearance.

The reality is You either work hard at a nice property or hire a professional to do the work.

Why not make it the norm to save money and not look like the crazy one with the overgrown property. That is the Activists real goal.

If they did not spend the money to maintain their properties with chemicals, It is highly doubted that they will now spend the money on organic products for their lawn. Don't forget it will take 3 time more effort now and 3 times the price for any semi reasonable results.

Jean your expectations around your housing complex are very low. That is how you come to appreciate its appearance and cost savings to the Home Owners Association. The pictures of your complex last year were disastrous. The Association needs to spend alot more money now or you will live in a dust bowl. The next door neighbor's lawn [house] was just sprayed and what a difference in appearance. He is the homeowner to the right.




We cannot accept emotional finger pointing as a means of mourning. If you want people to feel sorry for you, just ask. Don't try and ruin everyone elses lives by assuming Health Canada is conspiring against your loved ones.

Uncle Adolph offers condolences for the loses that have occurred.

Meg Sears Son:
Bill C-53 – Witness Evidence on Cosmetic Pesticide Use

Debbie Lazar and Brad:

Sarah Newton and her Friend: