Meg Sears not qualified as an expert witness regarding Pesticides. Opinions Bias and driven by personal agenda

16      By her affidavits, Dr. Sears purports to offer expert opinion evidence relating to the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, immunology and endocrinology. Dr. Sears has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering which she acquired in 1985. The evidence filed on this motion establishes that Dr. Sears:

a. has acquired no academic qualifications or degrees in the fields of  epidemiology, toxicology, immunology or endocrinology;
b. does not have a degree in medicine;
c. did no work or study in the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, immunology or endocrinology as part of her undergraduate or graduate studies;
d. has not taken any academic course in oncology, immunology or endocrinology;
e. advised a Senate Standing Committee in December 2002 that she was not an expert in toxicology;
f. has published no articles on the subjects of oncology, immunology or endocrinology in a peer reviewed academic journal.

17      Dr. Sears did conduct research and produced copies of various articles and papers prepared by other authors that related to these medical or scientific fields and she attached them to her affidavits filed in these proceedings. Dr. Sears has significant experience in this type of work and has conducted medical research in the past in conjunction with or under the direction of medical professionals. However, she has no specific expertise in the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, immunology and endocrinology. Upon review of the materials filed in this motion, neither Dr. Sears nor the plaintiffs have established that she possesses the requisite knowledge or qualifications to adopt or comment on the views expressed in the articles and publications of the other researchers or authors that she has attached to her affidavits. In such circumstances, her affidavits and opinions do not meet the test of admissibility for expert opinion evidence. Accordingly, they are not admissible in these proceedings and are struck from the record.