Sarah Newton : Revelstoke BC – NCES – Putting on her fighting gloves – She has proof, its clear cosmetic pesticides cause cancer

Newton said research clearly shows that cosmetic pesticides contribute to cancer rates.

“My best friend died of leukemia,” she said. “He was a soccer player and lived next to a golf course. He was just 27 when he died and his family started looking for answers. They saw the European Union’s research and saw that the incidence of leukemia among soccer players (who typically played on pesticide-sprayed fields) was seven times the European average. That was pretty stark.”

The NCES currently is asking people who want an anti-pesticide bylaw to show their support by planting small anti-pesticide signs on their lawns. The group also hopes to have a screening of the film, A Chemical Reaction, prior to the City’s public meeting.

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