Enviro Maniac — David F. Rooney — PESTICIDE BAN — 2,4-D — FIESTA

All you need is your own Online Newspaper a few tanning sessions a divorce or 2 and you are an instant Expert on Pesticides.

David your following is as admirable as a dog’s poop when deciding on picking it up or not.

Your documented response is exactly what www.Uncleadolph.wordpress.com was hoping for.


The difference between your Dishwashing/Editing/Blogging site and www.Uncleadolph.wordpress.com is that we let persons of the opposite opinion post what they really feel.  Is that not the way to get the facts out from both sides of the debate and come to a sensible solution? 

Take a look as Ms. JK Cottam or Hatescrap, 130 + retaliatory posts on this blog site and counting. 

Let the people decide the truth, not your sorry excuse for a job Mr. Comment Moderator.


Your stated assumptions are the key to a successful judgement for persons like Jeffrey Lowes and Force of Nature representatives, keep it up.