Backgrounder : Dr. Kazimiera J. (Jean) Cottam and her Blogger name [Hatescrap]


I have been looking long and hard for this info.  We all knew you claim to be working for a Pesticide Working Group in Washington Dc.   Now it is confirmed to be “Beyond Pesticides”


Dr. Kazimiera J. (Jean) Cottam, S BA (hist.), received an MA in 1966 and PhD in 1971 in Soviet and east European history from the University of Toronto. In addition to part-time university-level teaching, Jean worked at the National Defence headquarters in Ottawa until she retired in 1995. She has contributed more than 50 submissions to several military encyclopedias published by ABC CLIO and to Amazons to Fighter Pilots, a biographical dictionary published by Greenwood Press. Jean has a married daughter and two grandchildren. She lives in Kanata, Ont. “I am also marketing four self-published books on Soviet women in combat in the Second World War. As well, I’m an anti-pesticide activist and member of Health Dangers of the Urban Use of Pesticides Advisory Group at Ottawa’s City Hall, and recently joined Beyond Pesticides, an independent federal pesticide watchdog in Washington, D.C.”