Pesticide education best

Re: Too much yellow in our green spaces (SP, June 5). I thank Bronwyn Eyre for her honest and correct reporting on the weed and pesticide issue.

We follow this carefully and find a lot of misinformation is being presented. Eyre is right to state that weed killers have been the most tested chemicals in the world and keep passing the most current, strict safety criteria.

If the science behind the registration was bad we should get rid of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, but it has been easier to scare people into bans by using false information.

I believe the provincial government could tighten up the selling of pesticides and conduct a better education program well before any bans. I also believe that the dangers lie inside the home, not the garage or shed — for example, in creams and lotions put on the skin, in cleaners, aerosols, polish, bleach and many other household products.

The city may have stopped spraying in 1992, but continued to use Weed & Feed as the public perception was better. Weed & Feed is going to be off the market soon. That’s not a bad thing, as it tends not to get used properly.

Spencer Early

Early’s Farm & Garden


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