Letter to the Editor: Revisit pesticide decision

By Judy Chiki, The StarPhoenix June 9, 2010

I live across from Archibald Park, which is now infested with dandelions.

Those of us fortunate enough to live beside this fairly large park value its existence, but we can’t even use the park in this condition.

Since the city decided a few years ago against pesticide use, the dandelion problem has become overwhelming. I sent photos two years ago to councillors, the mayor and the parks department and received their current mantra that most of Saskatoon does not approve pesticide use.

Dandelions now have virtually taken over this once beautiful park. They have also infested my lawn, so much so that I cannot control them and had to pay $200 for a lawn treatment service. I am retired now, and have to be careful of expenses.

Since the treatment, not one dandelion has sprouted. However, directly across the street there are hundreds of them, all white now. As soon as a wind comes, these seeds will be on our lawns!

I spoke to parks department and got the spiel: “Most of the city are against pesticides.” If most people lived across from a park, I am sure they would not have this position. I suggested that the city consult those who live around the parks.

It’s ironic that our last city bill had an insert on how we can control dandelions. However, I don’t see city workers out snipping the dandelions as they sprout up as it’s suggested we do. It’s disheartening to see our beautiful city become a dandelion haven. It’s time council revisited this decision.

Judy Chiki


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