Health Canada has provided 4 Pesticide Incident Reports within the last few months.
The first 3 are supposed to be Safer “Alternative” Pesticides. You decide if the 2,4-D report validates the danger of this product or a possible, could be linked to, there is a growing amount of evidence fear based concern.
Fatty Acid, Corn Gluten and Borax*

Ecosense Path Clear Herbicidal Soap 4 in 1 Ready to Use (Moderate Incident Report)

1-22392558: The reporter called 04/26/2010 to report exposure 04/25/2010 to an area treated with an herbicide containing the active ingredients Ammonium salts of fatty acids and Isopropyl alcohol. She reports she had been weeding her residential garden the day prior to her report. She indicates her husband had applied the product to the garden 2 days before the exposure (04/23/2010). When she awoke the morning of 04/26/2010 she noted hives or welts on her face. The caller was advised she may have a previously unrecognized sensitivity. She was further advised to consult a physician to help determine the cause of her symptoms and for symptomatic care. On call back 05/01/10 the reported stated she had seen a doctor and was given a topical corticosteroid that resolved her symptoms within two days. She also indicated she has sensitivities to plants that may have triggered her symptoms.

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1-22365722: The reporter called 04/23/2010 to report exposure 04/15/2010 to an herbicide containing the active ingredient Corn Gluten Meal. He reports applying the product during the day. Later that evening he developed symptoms of irritated eyes and itchy skin on his upper arms. He did not clarify the application technique or avenue of exposure. He reported he took a shower rinsing his skin and eyes following the exposure He sought no medical treatment. He reported his symptoms resolved spontaneously in two days. The caller was advised that dermal and ocular irritation may be encountered following exposure with either the eyes or skin. Flushing the eyes and skin would be the ideal initial treatment of choice. No further information was obtained.
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Home Defense Max Ant Traps (Ortho) formerly Ant-B-Gon Ant Trap (Minor)

1-22258259: A reporter called on 04/14/2010 to report her exposure to an insecticide containing the active ingredient Borax. According to the reporter, the product leaked from the trap onto her hands. She washed her hands with soap and water, but developed pruritis on her hands and face. The reporter was advised that dermal contact with the product may result in minor skin irritation which typically subsides following irrigation. A recommendation was made to rinse her skin with running water for 20 minutes. A recommendation was also made to apply vitamin E or aloe vera products to the affected skin as needed. The reporter was advised to see her physician should her signs persist for longer than 24 hours. Multiple attempts at follow up were unsuccessful. No further information was obtained.

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DOW Crossbow 2,4-D ( Major Incident classification)

1/6/2010 Caller spilled product on his skin eight months ago. Four days after the exposure, caller developed tingling on his feet which progressed to numbness and a burning sensation on his feet by the following morning. Caller developed weakness in his legs and hips three weeks after the initial symptoms developed. The weakness began to improve over time. Caller went to a chiropractor for an adjustment, but the adjustment did not improve the symptoms. Caller was seen by a doctor three weeks after weakness developed. No diagnosis was given, and caller was given pain medication and medication to help with the numbness in his feet. Caller was seen by a neurologist three months after the symptoms developed. Caller was diagnosed with neuropathy.

The information contained in this report is based on self-reported statements provided to the registrant during telephone Interview(s). These self-reported descriptions of an incident have not been independently verified to be factually correct or complete descriptions of the incident. For that reason, information contained in this report does not and can not form the basis for a determination of whether the reported clinical effects are causally related to exposure to the product identified in the telephone interviews. Any relationship between the use of this product, subsequent skin exposure to dilute material and the delayed insidious development of the complications reported in this case is inconceivable and lacks and biological plausibility. Sustained skin contact with this herbicide is typically associated with dermatitis and this condition was not reported in this case. When considering the body of regulatory data and post-marketing data as well as the weight of scientific peer reviewed evidence on the active ingredients used in this product such a causal relationship appears to be scientifically implausible.

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