Ashland votes to ban pesticides from park

By John Bartell

May 24, 2010

Ashland votes to stop using pesticides in city parks

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission has voted to stop using pesticides in city parks.

The commission made the decision following a public meeting Monday night at the Ashland City Council Chambers.

“We have had a plan in place for years to remove pesticides. So this is a new revision, and we are taking a look at it to try and do everything we can before using pesticides,” said Steve Gies, Ashland Parks Superintendent.

The passage of the new plan means Ashland parks will eventually become pesticide free. A date for complete removal was not set, but an annual evaluation of pesticide use will be given to the public. Some are concerned about the details of the plan, and the lack of a timetable for removal.

“The plan they have now leaves to much discretion and does not really set up a good IPM pest management policy to faze those pesticides out,” said Tom Dimitre, Chairman for the Rogue Sierra Club.

The cost of going pesticide free is a major concern, and residents have yet to see an estimate of cost to the city. Glenwood is the only park in Ashland that doesn’t currently use pesticides. That is because residents in the area took it upon themselves to naturally remove weeds.

“We are hopefully going to try and get a volunteer coordinator that will help set up groups and adopt areas to help manually control weeds,” Gies said.

Ashland votes to stop using pesticides in city parks | KDRV

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