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Get off my lawn

Get off my lawn
May 3,2010

The Canadian Cancer Society continues to push the false and misleading information on cosmetic pesticides. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, World Health Organization, Health Canada, the EPA, the European Union, and others, do not list any of the “cosmetic” pesticides as carcinogenic.

The anti pesticide groups continue to ignore the studies done by world recognized scientists that actually study pesticides and the interaction with the environment and human health. In one of the largest studies of its kind the American Health Study, which followed over 85,000 people associated to the application of pesticides it found no evidence or linkage to cancers that would stand up to any scrutiny. The urban landscape uses less than one per cent of the total pesticide use in Canada, agriculture, commercial and forestry use the same products but in far larger quantities.

If there was a causal relationship (and there isn’t) than you would be getting it tenfold from other sources, not from your garden or lawn. You also can’t get any effect just by being in the area of an application, it just doesn’t work that way. Any of the products you can purchase in Canada to use on your lawn or garden have been extensively tested and are safe when applied as directed. Just like any product you buy there are instructions that come with it, follow those and you will not have any issues. Sign the petition Sign the Petition and tell the CCS to GET OFF MY LAWN.

Paul Visentin


Cranbrook Daily